Since 1991
Since 1991
The new Hatfield History Museum has opened to the public as of August 21, 2020! Scroll down to the bottom and read backwards to read about how the museum became a reality.   Click here for more info on what you can expect to see at the museum, and a link to our booking page.

We are now in the "green phase" and getting close to opening the museum! We are putting the finising touches on the museum and hope to open very soon! Click here for more info on our future opening!

The opening of our new museum has, of course, been delayed by the present pandemic. We expect that we will not be able to open to the public until our area gets "green phase" status.

Renovations to the new museum building were completed at the end of January! February was a busy month moving our collection into the new building, and furnishing the new museum. We will soon begin assembling the displays, and we look forward to opening this Spring!

Renovations are nearing completion! Much has been accomplished in the past two months! The large tree to the left of the building was found to be rotting and in danger of falling on the building, so it was removed. New exterior doors were installed, and the gutters were cleaned and repaired. Major renovations to the bathroom and office were completed, the new, efficient natural gas-fired HVAC system was installed, the entire 1st floor was painted, and the hardwood floors were refinished. Tomorrow, the gas service line and meter will be installed. The new lighting for the building should be installed soon, and we will start the process of moving our collection into the new building!

Work is progressing quickly now on the building! Much has been accomplished in the past few months! New windows, shutters, and a bell tower cupola really give the outside of the building a nice new look! New bulkhead steps and a Bilco door have been installed to provide better outside access to the basement. New entrance doors will be installed soon. Inside, the basement and 2nd floor storage areas have been painted and are now a bright white. The old oil fired heating system has been removed and will soon be replaced with a very efficient natural gas fired HVAC system.  The exterior walls, which were not insulated, are now insulated with dense pack fiberglass insulation. The electric service panel (formerly a fuse box) has been upgraded to a 200 amp service panel. A number of new electrical outlets have been added throughout the building to meet our needs. And renovation of the bathroom and office areas have begun.

It is exciting to actually have some work started on the new museum building! The new roof was put on this week and it looks great! Also, recently, John Sperling came out and pulled the bushes out from the side of the building. Thanks, John!

We have started getting estimates for many of the renovations needed for the building, including a new roof, new windows, air conditioning, refinish flooring, bathroom renovations, electric service upgrade, lighting, painting, and much more. We are also busy looking at shelving, display cases, filing cabinets, book cases, desks & other furniture, computers, printers, software, security systems, and more.  Getting the museum started is no small undertaking! But we look forward to the day that we are able to open and make our collection more available to the community!  If you would like to help us with the cost of getting the building ready for use, you can make a donation from our Home Page. Thanks!

Ever since the Hatfield Museum & History Society was organized 27 years ago, one of its goals has been to establish a museum where is could make Hatfield's rich history more accessible to the public. Well, the goal of Hatfield having a museum, dedicated to its history, will finally soon be realized! Through the generous efforts of both Hatfield Township and Hatfield Borough, the former office of Rep. Robert Godshall, now owned by Hatfield Township, will soon become the home of the Hatfield Museum & History Society! The building is centrally located in Hatfield, right on Cowpath Road, next to the Snyder Square Shopping Center, just outside the Borough, giving it great visibility. Hatfield Township and Hatfield Borough will be working together to do extensive renovations to the building to make it ready for the Society, after which the Society will get to work getting the building ready for the public. Plans for the building are to have one room dedicated to a display on the general history of Hatfield, another room will feature changing displays, highlighting various aspects of Hatfield's history throughout the year, and another room which will be utilized as a resource & research room. There will also be a room that will serve as office space. The building has lots of basement storage space as well as second floor storage space. The Society's Board of Directors are very excited about this wonderful opportunity, and look forward to this new chapter in the Society's history!

New Museum Building Update (8/20/20)