The Hatfield History Museum opened to the public on August 21, 2020! At this time, the museum is open by appointment only.  

In accordance with CDC guidelines, those guests who have been fully vaccinated are not required to wear a face mask during your visit. Mask-wearing for children is at the parent's discretion.

 Please note that you may schedule time in the Research Room separate from a Museum Visit.

Our hours are currently Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to noon. To schedule a museum visit, please click on the link below. Note: To use this booking site, an email address will be required. Alternatively, you may schedule your visit by calling the museum directly at 215-362-0428. Leave a message if no answer.  Book your museum visit by clicking here!

About our Museum
You will enter the front door of the museum into the front display area. This room depicts an overall general history of Hatfield; from when the Lenape Indians roamed this land, to the arrival of the railroad and trolley line which spurred growth in the area, from the businesses that helped build Hatfield, the schoolhouses that taught her children, to the churches where her people worshiped. There is also a display of Hatfield history items available for purchase; books & booklets, DVDs, collectibles, and other items. Of course, all proceeds help support the museum!

Adjacent to the front display room is our office area. Formerly the kitchen, this room has been transformed into the "operations center" for the Hatfield History Museum & the Hatfield Museum & History Society. Don't hesitate to come to the office for assistance from our museum staff!

Through the hallway and to the left is our back display room. The displays in this room will change throughout the year as we focus on and take a closer look at various aspects of Hatfield's history. Our first display is on the Geo. S. Snyder business which was such an important part of Hatfield's history for 110 years! There is also a semi-permanent display here dedicated to the history of Hatfield High School, the Hatfield Joint Consolidated School, and Hatfield Schools in general. While the display is permanent, items in this display will also change through the year.

In both the front and back display rooms, there are four large wall-mounted televisions which constantly show photographs depicting different parts of Hatfield's history.

The room to the right-rear of the building is our research room - the Larry Stevens Research Room. This room has bookcases packed with resources for research, or for just reading and learning about Hatfield's history. There is also a public computer station where additional resources are available. You can even enjoy browsing through the Society's digital photo collection. If you need help finding something, just let us know!

Although not accessible to the public, the museum also has a lot of additional storage space for its collection on the second floor and in the huge basement.

The entire building is climate controlled and the temperature and humidity levels are constantly monitored on all three floors to help preserve our collection. The museum building is protected by a monitored security system, smoke/heat/freeze detectors, and a water detector in the basement. There is also a video surveillance system installed for additional security. Our goal is to protect our collection for future generations to enjoy!   

Book your museum visit by clicking here! An email will be needed to utilize the booking website. Alternatively, you can call the museum directly at 215-362-0428 to schedule your appointment.