"Revisiting General Hancock's Birthplace"

Since 1991
The topic of the next Hatfield Museum & History Society Community Program will be "Revisiting General Hancock's Birthplace." Major General Winfield Scott Hancock was perhaps the greatest historical figure to be born in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Hancock was a popular Civil War hero and came very close to being President of the United States! So knowing his exact birthplace is thought by some to be quite important. And for over 125 years, the place of his birth has been a subject of dispute. Many site Montgomery Twp. as his birth place, while others say Norristown. Hatfield native Donald B. Lewis says that the facts actually weigh heavily in favor of Hatfield Township being Hancock's actual birth place! Mr. Lewis will present all of the facts during his presentation on Tuesday, November 21, beginning at 7 PM in the Hatfield Fire Co. Banquet hall. The public is invited to this free presentation and refreshments will be served.

Major General Winfield Scott Hancock