Since 1991
Since 1991
Friday, October 8, 2021, 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday, October 9, 2021, 9 am to 5 pm
No Reservation Needed!

Join us as we celebrate the opening of the Hatfield History Museum! Even if you have already visited the museum, you will want to come back and enjoy these special opportunities:

New Basement Tours!
- Walk around the museum basement and enjoy the many different items on display that would be too difficult to display on the main museum floor.

Preview of the new History Garden!
- A new History Garden is being planned for behind the museum building! During the Grand Opening, you can enjoy a preview of some of the items that will be displayed in the garden!

History for Sale: In the thirty years since the Society was formed, many individuals have generously made donations of Hatfield memorabilia for our collection, and we now find that we have a surplus of a number of Hatfield history related items. So we are making these items available to the public at our Grand Opening! You will be able to own a piece of Hatfield's history at a very reasonable cost! Come out and see what we have!

Take a Self-Guided Walking Tour of Historic Hatfield Borough! Pick up a copy of our Walking Tour of Historic Hatfield Borough book (only $10) and take a stroll through town while learning about its rich history. The book, complete with photos and a map, is packed with interesting history about 30 different buildings and sites through the Borough.

History Scavenger Hunt: You can be a Hatfield History Detective! This is designed to help foster an awareness and appreciation of our local history for kids. Walk, bike ride, or even drive through Hatfield Borough as you seek to discover Hatfield's hidden history and find the answers to 11 history questions! Although produced with kids in mind, adults are sure to enjoy it also! It would be a great family adventure! Pick up a free Scavenger Hunt form at the museum!

Free Giveaways! - There will be free museum pens and "I Love Hatfield History" buttons for the first 100 guests each day!

History & Genealogy Activities Take-Home Paper for Children!

History Survey Take-Home Paper for Adults!